Gölbahçe emerges the relaxing effect of water and various flora in its unique concept. It’s your biggest pleasure to breathe the fresh air and to be in the center of the nature. Here, the nature is not just a detail but the center of life. Waking up with bird voices and witnessing the changing seasons will be the greatest pleasure of your life
Gölbahçe Evleri is consist of 6 residential blocks around and the social areas in the middle. Thanks to the living rooms and kitchens which are situated at the façade of the residences, you will be able to watch your children while they play. The windows of your which open up to a familiar and charming world embrace with the sun and the nature.

The commerce block situated inside the project will ease your life. The doors especially designed opposing sides will allow you to improve the connection between you and your neighbors. The ground floor opens up to the green streets, gardens and ornamental pool.
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